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    Post Newcomer - Read Here!

    Information to Newcomers

    Glad to see that you've found your way to the HoA Forum!

    I assume that you're interested in finding out the how-to and what-not on the HoA forum, so let's get started.

    1)Apply to HoA

    Before applying to the HoA Community you'll need to create an account on our forum. After you're done with signing up for the account you'll go into the usergroup called "Users Awaiting Moderation".

    Now you can go to the dedicated application site found here.

    Take your time to fill out a good application, sit and think what would describe you the absolute best.

    We're not recruiting absolutely everyone, we're recruiting people who we believe would fit in the best in a social community where we value a good strong personality, and the interest in having a good laugh, over your skills in a game.

    Upon submitting your application one of the Community Managers will receive it, and review it with the Council of Elders.

    We aim to respond to every single application within 24 hours with a good response, if we take a bit longer, do not hesitate with giving us a quick reminder here in this board.

    2) My application was rejected, what now?

    As stated in the paragraph above, we try to form an impression out from how you've described yourself in the application.
    We try to judge from the best of our ability to see whether or not you would fit in, if you put in the effort and describe yourself well, and if you're a social person with a good interest in meeting new friends, there's a good chance you'll be accepted.

    Go through your application in-depth and find out which paragraphs did NOT give the best impression that they could of you as a person, and then fill out a new application on our dedicated application site.

    3) I was asked for a resubmit, why is that?

    From what you've written, you've given us some idea that you might have the character of a person who would fit in well with the rest of HoA's members, though its not exactly enough.

    Take some time to go through your application and see if there are passages that you can elaborate on.

    4) I have a question, where can I get an answer?

    This board is dedicated solely to that, finding the information that you need to possibly become an HoA member.

    Feel free to register an account on this site, and create a new thread with your question, where one of the admins will answer your question as soon as possible.

    5) Why can I only see one board?

    This forum is an exclusive community, and you'll only have guest permissions upon registrering to the HoA forums.
    Once you've been accepted as a member, you'll gain full access to all features and boards found here.

    The Information Board is used to ask questions, please use it for that purpose.

    Member introductions can be written in a board solely dedicated to that upon receiving acceptance.
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